Thursday, April 7, 2016

OMG April 2016: Finish Piecing the Husband Quilt
My One Monthly Goal this month is to finish piecing the top for the quilt for my husband.

I found a box with a label that makes me think all the pieces of the quilt are in it....

Well, I hope everything is in there.

It's been a while since I have worked on this...

DH has looked on and nodded when I show him my progress on finishing a block for the stash bee, for a charity quilt, he was glad to get the Play with Me game pillows.

He thought it was nice that I was making the tumbler quilt for his friend in Denver and seemed to appreciate the time it took to do the quilting (my January OMG).

He looked on when I worked out the quilting for the charity quilts that I finished this year.

But I remember him standing in the doorway and watching me layout the purple windmill quilt and asking me who was getting that... (Feb and March OMG)

It's time for him to have a quilt.  It's time for us to have a quilt.

It will be scary really to have a quilt that I make that stays here.  It's scary that I've gone ahead and made the quilts for Denver and for Sweden too - but even a bigger step perhaps to say that I will make a quilt that will stay here!

I've read him the post by ChrissieD - "even the dog has two quilts"  to make him laugh and realize he wasn't the only husband without a quilt.

There was a quilt book that I can't find right now that talked about how the author was finally making a quilt for her husband.  Heck,  just search for "quilts for husband" and you will read about quilters who have left their family without - even though their hobby or their livelihood is quilt making!

So he isn't alone.  We aren't alone.  But by the end of this month I at least want to have the quilt top made.

Here is a post where I wrote about the project - in 2013 complete with an encouraging note from Heidi - Red Letter Day OMG Heidi!

So I'm committing to finally finishing the quilt top during April 2016!

Wish me luck!

Hope you will click to see what the others are planning to finish this month and cheer them on!


  1. Go June, go. I cheer you on. Thumbs up for husband quilts. Make it a pretty one =)

    1. Thanks Katrin! I appreciate the good thoughts! : )

  2. I am cheering you on too. Looks like all that was holding up the progress on this quilt was buying more black fabric for the border.

    1. Thanks! Well, back then maybe the need for more black was holding me up. Now I have to find all the pieces. I never sewed them all together so I just have strips of things in the box. After I get the bookkeeping done I'll have fun getting it together.

  3. Go for it June! You are almost there. I'm glad you and your husband have a sense of humour about this.

    1. I'm very serious about things, he thought usually sees the bright side of everything. It will be amazing to have a real quilt here. For most of our marriage we have used sleeping bags or just blankets to cover the bed, so we won't even know how to act with a real quilt! Thanks for the encouragement!


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