Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Purple Missing U and Virtual Reality

Got an email request for a variation of the Missing U block (Sunday Morning Quilts - Nyberg and Arkison). The blocks will be collected, sewn together and quilted by volunteers. The resulting quilt will be presented to someone in another subgroup of quilters who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I hope it provides some comfort to her.

The second email I received about the project gave the end size of the block, noted that purple would be a good color, and that the seams did not need to be straight. I tried my hand at making the variation of the Missing U block, but I couldn't keep to the guidelines as I think the white bit was supposed to have 90 degree corners. Since my fabrics had so many dark shades, the handprint size rectangle of white was just too stark. I made this during my Saturday quilting group session a couple of weekends ago.

I remember the Sunday Morning Quilts book was well written and that I enjoyed reading it and thinking about the blocks. This is the first time though that I actually tried to make one of the blocks.


My husband is teaching some classes on virtual reality and I've gotten to go with him to some presentations. It's a very interesting concept.

Here are are photos showing the campus of the last presentation - University of San Diego. Like all of you, I'm always looking at designs...

The Asian Heritage Society hosted the VR event on Friday, the next day there was a full day of sessions about Vietnam. Their logo reminded me of the Adrinka quilt Shasta is sometimes working on....

This is the the snazzy new computer my husband will be using to create and experience educational virtual reality lessons. The rear of the screen has a dragon with an eye that is white when the machine is on. There are function keys to press to change the color of the keyboard, the colors mean different things in the programs. There are stands in the room with gadgets to define the playing area so someone can put on the goggles to be transported to another experience.


  1. My, you have been about a fair bit. It is great that you help out with the relief quilt. I think your purple block turned out just fine. When I made my 'Missing U' block, I was struck at how time consuming this fairly freely pieced block turned out to be as I was constantly trimming and measuring my subunits again. =)

    1. Yes, these improv blocks do take a lot of time to figure out. I really liked the special fabric you used in your block! Thank you for coming by!

  2. They are pretty designs all around. Thanks for sharing.


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