Friday, March 22, 2019

A Finish: Cultural Fusion Black and Purple Windmills

I finally put the binding on the black and purple windmill quilt that I started in the Sujata Shaw workshop in 2014 in Maryland.

2015-07 Take Sujata's Workshop and Start Piecing:  Mid-Appalachian Quilters July 2015 event 
2016-02 Sew Blocks Together:
2016-02 Making it Larger and then Spray Basting:
2016-03 FMQing:
2019-03 Squaring up and applying binding

My quilting friend, K,  reminded me how to square up the quilt and get the binding on...

For squaring up we used a large square and a long ruler.  Put the square on the corner and use the longer one to then see the where the side is to be cut.  Using the larger square was new to me and really helped get the job done.

My binding is cut on bias at 2.5 inches.  I put on using an approx 3/8 inch seam - binding is full and nice.

The back is just black and the quilting does not really show up.

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