Thursday, March 14, 2019

WIP: Red Charity Quilt - top done!

Took between three and four hours to sew this top up.  I did the sewing in two sessions....

Squares are six inches, I started with two blocks each with 36 squares.  I used the same fabric in the diagonal of the blocks, and arranged the blocks so the same fabric would not line up along any of the six inch seams. (I will bind using the same fabric as the diagonals.)

Then I cut each block along the diagonal, and then sewed on the edge of the diagonal cuts about 1/8 of an inch (to help avoid stretching).

Then I placed the resulting four pieces so the triangles were on the outside of a square. 

And I sewed the pieces together!  Magically I was able to nest all the seams. Only the final connecting seam had to be repressed so it was all in the same direction and flat.

The top is now 46 inches square.  A great size for a charity quilt.  It should be easy for me to quilt and bind.  Now I need to decide how to do the quilting!

But first I need to get back to the gifts for the upcoming baby shower!

I think this link will be a good place to start dreaming:

I see she is giving some workshops in CA soon - maybe a road trip is in order?

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