Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finish #3 Charity Quilt - Frogs and Wavy Lines with Cool Binding

I finished the quilting on the last charity quilt that I put the bindings on before quilting.  I followed what Angie does for charity quilts and finished with utilitarian wavy lines.  First I put waves in the rust sashings, then I added a rectangle around the outer blocks, and then added a line in the two middle blocks.  This is a nice way to finish the charity quilt.

I really like the faux piping with the little black and white lines and will be looking for more fabric so I can add that to other projects!

Here you can see the cool binding finish!

And here Buffy jumped on the quilt when I brought it downstairs to tie off and bury the threads.  She is such a good helper!
I've been using charity quilts to practice and learn, and I sure have a lot more to master, but I really like Angie's tip to stick with utilitarian stitching at least sometimes so I can finish and move on!.


  1. Congratulations on this cute finish! I agree that wavy lines are a great way to get a quilt finished. The texture is so nice after it's washed, too. A little child will love those cheerful frogs. Love that stripey flange! I am definitely going to try that soon :)

  2. I like your froggy quilt. So cute. Thanks for the shout out. I'm working on another quilt now - this one is using the walking foot - another way to finish a charity quilt quickly.


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