Saturday, February 18, 2017

Surprise: A Quilting Reader's Garden Fat Quarter

I returned from my monthly quilting group session and checked my email and found I had been picked to get a fat quarter from A Quilting Reader's Garden.

How fun is that?  I think yellow or white would be a good color to insert in a project...

Thank you Angie!


At quilt group I actually brought in a sewing machine that I hadn't used in a long time, and for another surprise it works perfectly!  I guess I stopped using it when I got the new 1/4 inch foot for the new Brother that I have at home.

So I had brought a bunch of assorted charms that I had either won in drawings, cut myself with rotary or with a Studio Go.  So I got organized and started sewing them up into 4 patches.  One of the ladies showed me how to get the center of the patches so a mini-4 patch appears on the back, but I wasn't successful with getting that to work for me for all the patches.  She said it would help reduce the number of thicknesses of the fabric when I was quilting the project.

And I got distracted so I wasn't consistent with how I put together the blocks.  Oh well.

I put them on the living room floor to take a photo and Buffy returned from her walk and I forgot what I was doing so you don't see them all in this photo...  But you can see her tail is wagging!

Except for two of the 4 patches, they each have the same fabric in the lower right of the block.

: )

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