Friday, February 3, 2017

Afternoon of Basting

As with many things in my life, I spent a ton more time thinking about basting than it actually took me to do the project...

I set up two tables in the back yard and put short candle holders on the table to help hold down the fabric.

I loosened the batting by putting in the dryer for a little spin, and first put that on the table.

Then I put the backing with the wrong side down on top of the batting (so I could see the right side of the backing).  I folded the backing back about half way, then sprayed about one foot of the back of the backing that was exposed.  Then I use my hands to press the backing to the batting.  I starting in the center then worked each side.  I pulled the backing back until I could feel the pull of the spray basting, and repeated.  Once I was done with the back I flipped it over so I could put the top of the quilt down so I could see the design, and I repeated the steps of folding back, spraying, pressing down.

I had a little trouble being sure I had backing that was a little larger than the front since my helper really enjoyed jumping on the fabric once I put it on the carpet!

Once I had things spray basted I put the quilts on the floor for a photo, and my helper, Buffy, came down the stairs so she could enjoy the bounciness of the quilt sandwiches....

Well, my plan is to get a photo of the quilts so I can draw on the proposed quilting!  We'll see how that goes tomorrow.

The teacher I mentioned previously who does not want us to take photos of any of her projects or projects we create in her class following her patterns, is a big proponent of binding /before/ quilting so I'm planning on trying that with these three not from her class so I can share photos charity quilts.  The smaller one will have wider binding so it will end up being around 42 inches square.  The middle one will be done first as it will have regular binding.  The larger one with the pieced backing will be around 45 x 60 inches, but I'm going to try my hand at binding so the edges have gentle scallops.

(I also have a few quilts that are already quilted as part of 2016 One Month Goals that are ready for binding too so hopefully I'll get pretty accomplished with this binding step by finishing them up! Photos will be coming! )

January 2016 OMG - Tumbler 
March 2016 OMG - Cultural Fusion Windmills
Sept 2016 Nine QAYG Blocks for Charity

I didn't really keep track of the time, but think it finally took me under three hours to get these three quilts where they are now.  I had to plan which fabrics to use for the backing, find the batting in my closet, and in one case sew the backing too before actually spraying them.  Also had to press everything.  Lovely that no pins were needed so far!  Even after Buffy jumping around them the pieces are secure!

 : )

We went over friends tonight to watch the surfers and sunset while chatting, sipping wine and nibbling on snacks.


  1. I'm curious, are you never allowed to take photos of the quilts from the class? Even after you give them away? It would be sad if you made a gift and then could never share the happiness of seeing the quilt being used.

    I got a big kick out of seeing your little dog "helping"! Our pets do love our quilts, don't they? :)

    1. My understanding of the syllabus is that we are not allowed to post photos - but we can give /not sell/ the resulting project. So I guess the person who received a quilt is not under the teacher's control since they did not accept the syllabus conditions and they could post a photo.

      Earlier I had posted a few blocks in process for one of her quilts, but then I reread the agreement and switched them up for the photo and reposted them online. I'm still learning so it's okay.

      I also am wanting to make some in-person friends so that is really the major reason to take the local class.

      It's fun to see little Buffy jump and own the fabric and quilts!

      Thank you for coming by!


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