Monday, January 30, 2017

RSC17: January - Purple

Hard to believe that January is pretty much over.

As soon as purple was announced as the color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I pulled out my scraps and got to making blocks made up of strips of purple. Not really creative, but it's what I was able to do...  I was trimming so the blocks would be the same size, but then thought I'd leave them be so I have more flexibility when I actually use them in a project.

I also was going to use purple for the Growing Up QAL, but decided that I wasn't going to do that project this year.  The rose does look pretty though doesn't it?

The skill to practice was using the blanket stitch to go around the design.  Something I hadn't done before so I thought I'd better step back and try with a simpler shape for practice...

This was so boring to do, I decided to stop even trying to do the more elaborate design.  Last year I learned so much following along with Alida's QAL, but decided I really need to concentrate on finishing up projects I have already started, rather than pushing myself to do new skill building blocks this year again.

Things in my personal life are rather confusing right now, so I'm glad I was able to get done when I did do this month.

BTW I am continuing to take the once a week quilting class.  The teacher has been doing a much better job of actually teaching concepts and techniques, so I do plan to continue attending. Unfortunately, to take the class we had to agree to not share the patterns so I won't be able to show off those projects.

Photos from January 2017:

San Diego Airport: No Ban, No Wall  My husband and I went to support the cause.  Earlier that day I went to a new friend's house to write letters and postcards in support of public health care.

Utility Box seen before attending Vietnamese New Year's Celebration.

Buffy waiting for me to take her for a walk!

Cute place I walked and had hair cut as a treat to myself!

Walk with a friend in North County - cute house.

Really old, cute house.


It rained a lot this month, there were a few rainbows...  It was so oppressive and confining when it was raining.

Made marmalade with our son.  Each batch was different even though we were trying to do them all the same.

Used a pressure cooker after the first 6-7 hours cooking time!

This was my first batch made alone.  I noticed the mixture still boiling after it popped!

My birthday dinner plate.

Pressure cooker.

Night time photos from Old Town San Diego.

Husband and I went out to dinner and to catch Pokemon, but enjoyed the colorful displays and plants too!


  1. I think the blanket stitch is boring, too :) Thank you for marching! We were not in a place where we could get to a march, but I'm planning to attend the Science March when it happens. No date has been set yet.

    1. Thanks Louise! I heard the science march was set for Earth Day. I have several science friends planning on going to DC for that event. Maybe if I can get my bookkeeping done I will go too.

  2. I like the purple blocks - and you will be amazed at what you can do with them when you start compiling them

    1. Thank you Alycia! I'm hoping I'll get inspired after I make more!


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