Friday, January 27, 2017

Birthday 2017

Time again for my birthday!  My husband and son make me a special burnt almond cake every year, it's such a treat.  Although they take notes each year the cake is a little different each time.

This year, they included making a dinner together too.

Vegetables being prepped to be roasted later.
Note the jars on the cook top.  Earlier we made marmalade, the jars were being sealed while they did the prep work!

Starting to add the custard between the layers. This year there was not enough for the third layer, so we put sliced marzipan (that I had purchased for another reason) and frosting for that layer.  Delicious!

Working on the frosting.

A snazzy way to apply the top layer!

Our butcher put the chicken cordon bleu together so that saved time and effort that day.  We just needed to cook it.  My husband made a delicious pan gravy that really finished it off fabulously!

Cake all assembled, frosted and with the toasted almonds.

Almond extract is used for the annual dish, it's almost the only time I use it so the bottles last a long time.  This year needed to get some new - notice the same titled recipe is on the back of the boxes - but the ingredients and directions are different!

My Godmother, Aunt June, had burnt almond cake for her Eastern Star installation as Worthy Matron.  I hadn't heard of it before, but it was lovely that day - and wonderful to have each year now made by my guys.

I scanned the recipes to share:

This year it was especially nice to just have the three of us together for the day.

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