Wednesday, February 22, 2017

RSC17: February - Aqua

Pulled out my aqua fabric.  I have some nice yards and half yards waiting for another project, but I did have some aqua scraps from either previous projects, or people had gifted me with them....

So I sewed some together for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with these, but will decide on something at the end of the challenge.

The other folks in the challenge have some beautiful projects they are working on - hope you will click to go see them!


  1. Hello June,
    those scraps have such a happy feel to them =) I checked out the provided link and yes, there are lovely projects among them. How does the RSC17 work anyway? Is someone hosting / mediating the group? Kind regards from wet Berlin

    1. Hello Katrin! I'm so glad you came by! Since we are no longer in the same online project it's been longer between our emails, I've missed you. The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is run by Angela over at - she just picks a color each month and we try to use up our scraps. Some people are not using scraps, but still create blocks in that color. Thank you for coming by!

  2. Way to sew up those scraps!! The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is such a good motivator. Enjoy!


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