Sunday, November 1, 2015

QFK Green Quilt Finished and Baby Quilt with Block Lotto Winnings Finished too!

I finally finished the green Quilts For Kids (started Jan 2015) project last summer.  I brought it with me to the east coast and used it to help my friend make a quilt for her granddaughter.

We only had the regular walking foot for the machine so were only able to do straight stitching.  I was disappointed to not be able to introduce her to FMQing, but it was very freeing also to just do the stitch in the ditch and to get the projects done!

First went around each block.  Goofed in one place near the middle so just added another line so the quilting was symmetrical.  Then went around the borders.

When it was time to do the borders realized:
1.  I didn't have enough pins with me to pin the bindings the way I have done in the past, and also didn't have any glue or snapping pins to keep the border in place.
2.  There was extra batting and fabric all around the quilt.

So instead of trimming the batting even with the top and wasting the batting, we cut the batting so it was even on all sides (but sticking out about an inch) and trimmed the background so it was even and would cover the new batting plus about inch so the edge could be finished.

Then we just folded and sewed, pinning on side down at a time.  I did the top then the sides - but now I'm not sure that is the correct order.

The binding then added two inches to the size of the quilt and looked like another border instead of binding.

The wider binding made it very simple to finish this quilt and I think I will just do it for all my charity quilts. Then it will mean I can finish them so they can be donated and used!

As a lesson I showed her how to do a step with my green quilt, and she then did the sewing on her baby quilt.

We'd prefer more quilting, but sometimes it's better to just get something done...

If you look closely you can see the extra lines that do not follow the outline of the blocks.
Much easier to see the extra lines here, but they just look like a design pattern.  Not a mistake!
Wider binding added to the size of the project, followed the design in the borders, and was so easy to do!
A finish!
I brought blocks I had won in the Block Lotto and my friend
picked some to put in her daughter's baby quilt.

She sewed nine blocks together, then added two

We folded the backing over and extended the
size by trimming the batting so it was
about 1 inch wider on all four sides.
Machine sewed the binding and project was done!

A finish!  Here is where I wrote about the Block Lotto blocks... 

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