Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sewing Room

Our son is married now so I'm able to take over his room and use as a permanent sewing room.  I had been using the guest room or the dining room or our bedroom and always needed to pack up and put away when folks came over.  It will be a luxury to be able to leave things out.

I packed things away when we went to Cambridge in 2013 and still have not recovered from that decision.  My friend was staying in the house while we were gone so I thought it would be nice for her to have empty closets and cupboards so she could really move in.  Anyway since then my sewing supplies and projects have been moved round for house painting, for new carpets, and for major parties.

But now I have a room.  It was empty when I started moving things in.  I would like to paint the area, but a higher priority was to start to get settled in.  I got several shelf units from someone giving them away so put two of them up in the room, then moved boxes that were in the garage on the shelves.  In theory each box is labeled.  I haven't checked yet.  I just wanted to have all my sewing things in one area - but gosh I have a lot of stuff!

The quilt on the table needs to be finished as it is a charity project.  That monthly group is already meeting this Saturday.  So either I will finish it before I go, or that will be what I work on there.  I can't stress about it.

Minutes before the photo was taken there was a pile of fabric on the table too, along with other charity quilts that need to be finished up too.  Tomorrow I want to spend some time sewing and then would like to keep sewing a bit every day.  That's really the only way my skills and confidence will improve!

Here are other photos of this room:
Shelves showing how some have shorter height so smaller items can be put in smaller boxes.

Window with pile of projects underneath ready to sandwich and finish up!

Sewing table and ironing board.
Showing the wall opposite the window with design wall, closet not even pretending to be organized.

Boy, I have new appreciation to people with attractive blogs!  So difficult to format things in blogger, much easier to do in Dreamweaver with a regular page, or even with HTML.  But this is easy to post ugly photos...

The guest room is ready now for one person to come stay, soon we'll get a full or queen bed so a couple could stay.  Last year had a friend stay for a month and it worked out well.  She had her own bathroom, and the bed room.  Next time she comes there will be empty closet so she can hang things and even empty drawers!


  1. Your sewing room looks clean and organized, and functional. Mine is a total mess since I normally use the dining room table for sewing, and when we clean up for parties, everything just gets thrown up there. I'm trying to get organized so it is easy to put things away, and trying to only take out a few things for the current project I am working on.

    1. Thanks Shasta! At least for now I have room just for my sewing - a luxury for sure. : )

  2. Your sewing room looks splendid - wish I had one. All that space should make it really easy and pleasurable to work.

    1. Thank you! It is really nice to have an area I can call my own for sewing and quilting. Hope now I will be sewing more often and finishing things! I appreciate your stopping by!


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