Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cultural Fusion: Charity Blue and Green Hour Glass

So finally, I have finished the blue and green charity quilt.  I started the blocks in a workshop taught by Sujata Shah using her Cultural Fusions book.   It took about two hours to get the sides trimmed and binding done.

I did it all by machine and had wide binding so it was pretty easy to do.  I wanted to add some inches by keeping the batting, but the backing wasn't large enough for me to do on the sides.  I goofed when measuring the bottom but just kept going.  So the binding at the top is wider than the bottom and the sides.  The last border was left unquilted as I think it will be pretty puffy when washed.

So next time:
Write down the measurements when trimming.
Add more hour glass blocks instead of just borders.
Find the pressure feet for this machine, so I don't have to use the darning foot when putting on the binding!
Pay more attention to the colors and placement of blocks.

Now a break and then bookkeeping!


  1. Pretty colours and I like the distribution of the darkest fabric around the quilt. I've never tried binding with a darning foot but kudos to you for getting it done.

    1. Thank you so much! The greens particularly in this project were pretty. I delivered the quilt to the charity yesterday, now looking forward to cutting more fabric to make more blocks inspired by the Cultural Fusion book!


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