Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wed Feb 27: Excuses Excuses

Fitbit Activity: 672 steps taken, 2 floors climbed, 0.28 miles traveled, 2049 calories burned, 123 active score

Yes, those are the numbers for Feb 27th.  It was raining today - or DH said it was.  I just didn't go out.

We had the left overs for our meals then in the evening some waffles with fruit and yogurt - and some ice cream.

The other "good" thing I did today was to call our DS and to do facetime to finish the mail business.  There is one check for him to deposit, a DMV bill (his) for him to pay by April something, and one piece of mail to either scan and send as an attachment or to call me and I will tell him the answers to check off - something required for the house insurance.  He was going to go by the house in the late afternoon to collect the new email - but we didn't set up time to do the catch up again - today or later.  Since we didn't connect I guess it was later!

I surfed and watched TV as my fitbit numbers will verify.  It took a long time to write up the job aid for how to do the deposits - hope I remembered to add all the steps needed!

Tomorrow I'll get back in the saddle!

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