Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tues Feb 26: Fabric and Cory Doctorow

Fitbit Activity: 15863 steps taken, 13 floors climbed, 6.61 miles traveled, 2369 calories burned, 838 active score

Started the day around 10 am with oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas.  That's a pretty good way to begin.

I've rethought the DH quilt.  Instead of adding to the columns I will reoriented the pieces so there are rows going from the head to the foot - that will allow me to have more variety in the fabrics I use.
Row 1

|  A |     |  A |     |  A |     |  A |     |  A |
|----|  C  |----|  C  |----| C   |----|  C  |----|
|  B |     |  B |     | B  |     | B  |     |  B |



Row 2

|  D |     |  D |     |  D |     |  D |     |  D |
|----|  F  |----|  F  |----| F   |----|  F  |----|
|  E |     |  E |     | E  |     | E  |     |  E |



After I bit I got organized and left for my walk.  Today I went to the fabric store and picked out eight more pieces of batik or batik-like fabric.  DH said he liked purple and blue so I had a mission to try to get those colors.  I couldn't help myself though got a few with some green and gold just so there was a difference in the colors.

Expenses (SewFisticated Fabric/McGrath Hgwy)
3 * 1 yard = 3 yard @ $1.99
1 * 1.75 = 1.75 yard @ $1.99
3 * .75 yard = 2.25 yard @ $1.99
1 * .25 yard = .25 yard @ $1.99
7.25 yards @ $1.99 = $14.42

Then I went to the Dollar Store.  Looked for a pot scrubber that is attached to a holder, but only found one with a plastic brush end.

Sally's had shampoo and conditioner - I have been using what the previous tenants left for us.

Grabbed a quick ham and cheese and iced tea at Dunkin Doughnuts.  I felt guilty going here as it's really DH favorite spot for 'regular' coffee.

Went to Shaw's to pick up a few things then it was time to go home - but on the way I thought perhaps DH would like me to pick up dinner.  He did - actually he wanted me to go somewhere other than Life Alive but I was already headed that way.  So got some pasta and a salad.

There wasn't time to eat though as we were going to the Harvard Bookstore to hear Cory Doctorow give a talk about his new book, Homeland.  I met the couple sitting next to me - he had been a biology professor at Purdue - did his sabbaticals in Boston.  He retired 7 years ago and they live here now.  They said every night pretty much they went to a book talk or music evening.  They said there were always places to go. He gave me their contact information to get ideas if I wanted.  The presentation was very well done.  Instead of reading from the book he talked about the theme and background for the project.  It's a complicated issue (privacy and copyright) with uneven applications and effects in real life.  Cory has had practice giving the talk - this is a 24 city in 28 day tour or maybe it was 28 city in 24 day tour - any way pretty intense I think.  We had him sign a book for our DS.

Then we saw a sign for Mr Bartley's hamburgers - and decided to eat there.  I broke the unwritten rule and got a hot turkey sandwich instead of a burger - but that was delicious.  DH enjoyed his burger with fries - so it was a good break.  Tomorrow we'll eat the Live Alive food.

So tonight I'm washing the new fabric I bought.

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