Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sat Feb 2: More Winter?

Fitbit Stats: Over 10K!  (12659 steps taken, 2 floors climbed, 5.29 miles traveled, 2315 calories burned)

Woke late again when the someone called.  I didn't pick up in time as I was asleep, it was the president of the professional organization I do a lot of work with - there was going to be a meeting with her and the new treasurer today.  Wish I had known ahead of time I would have gotten some stuff in order for it.  Oh well.  I called her later she said she was pleased with the meeting and it seems all in well, so that's good!

Ordered the Simplicity pattern that was out of stock at the store yesterday (4025)  - it will be delivered Feb 5th - too late for me to make for NYC trip but I hope there will still be some winter here so I can make it and wear it lots! ** Some patterns can be ordered now so they can be printed out - pretty cool for people in a hurry with a printer, etc.  I didn't notice if they were available at a discount.  I'm getting my pattern for about 30% off the printed price - that's including the postage!

I made oatmeal with bananas - and went out for my day.

The main points are that I got info on a hair place, went to Target to get some stuff.  Tried on a million tops - when I left it was dark outside! I bought one but might return it....(since it's to hevy to wear in San Diego).  I didn't do the short cut as the lights were burned out so walked around to get to Shaws for dinner food.

Chicken Curry

DH texted and offered to help so he made rice and diced two carrots and a potato.  We added an onion, the left over hot and healthy soup from yesterday, and one chicken breast.  Then a can of coconut milk and about 6 tablespoons of curry and 1/2 c chicken broth.  We served with coconut flakes, almond slices, apricot jam, diced apple, and cut up banana- oh and we split a piece of nan.  Very nice dinner and only took about 30 or 40 minutes to do this together.  (Have about half leftover now in freezer for another day!)

I flipped the pages of the Cambridge Adult Education catalog - they have the information on the website, but it's nice to see in print.  Most of the classes have already started so I can't take them - maybe they will have another set that I can sign up for after this first set is over - ten weeks.  They are really nice as they limit the number of attendees - would be a nice way to meet people and really get to know them as well as a new topic or skill or hobby!  Fingers crossed on that.  The classes in San Diego cost less but they cram in as many people as possible in each class - imagine trying to learn a foreign language with almost 200 other beginners!  Yuck and impossible.  DH and I are going to attend a game 'class'  they are offering.

C wrote that she would like to come over on Monday and stay the night before we leave for NYC on Tuesday.  That will be nice.

Flylady has changed her email program so I have been getting her emails again for a few days.  She has the control journals on her website now in WORD format so it's easier to edit - great idea.  This coming week is the kitchen and the Jan habit is to shine sink, the Feb habit is to declutter for 15 minutes a day.  So easy here since I have so little with me here!  It's delightful.

I do need to get back on track with all the bookkeeping.  Would be good to have done before C comes.  I bought a new notebook at Target, but forgot to get mechanical pencil.  I will work on getting that system in place here - will help when I get back to San Diego too.

It was a nice day to walk around, glad I was able to do that today...

** I realized just now that it is Groundhog Day 2013: No shadow for Punxsutawney Phil, so spring is around the cornerso I have to enjoy this bit of winter that is left.... darn!  I didn't want to be snowed in, but I wanted more days of snow and excuses to wear hats, gloves, mufflers and jackets!  I hope this doesn't mean the humid and hot weather will be earlier with coming too.....

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