Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thurs Feb 28: On my Feet

FitBit Activity: 19067 steps taken, 17 floors climbed, 7.95 miles traveled, 2459 calories burned, 924 active score

Even though I took the T - I walked a lot today.

First to Central for the post office and lunch, then the T to Davis Square where I got a quilting foot for the Singer machine - I hope it will work!  It's the kind Leah Day sells, but for more than two times the price.  I had him do the modifications....

Walked around trying to find a nail place - found several hair places instead.  Walked to Porter Square.  Returned the embroidery hoop at Michaels and looked around.  Then decided to take the T back as I wasn't sure which way to go by foot.

Once home made a simple noodle, chicken, pea dish with a sauce that was nice.

Then got antsy so went on another walk closer to home but adding on the final 5000 steps.

Quilting Pressing Foot - $19.00

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