Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sat Feb 16: Davis and Porter Square

So in between now and the previous post I went to NYC with my friend - we had a wonderful time.

Today though B and I took the T to Davis Square to look around.  Originally the plan was to go to Live at the Met, but the tickets were sold out by the time I clicked to buy them.  So decided to see where the Italian cooking class was going to be held so it would be easier for me to get there in the dark when the class is held later this week.  It was just a few blocks from the T - and what a happening place it is!  There were lines of people waiting to get sandwiches, cheese, vegetables, sausages, wine.  Very popular - and everything looked wonderful.  There were not many places to sit and eat though so we went on back thru the square.  There were many places to eat and drink.

We  picked a place though that turned out to have poor service and lousy food - oh well.  It's hard to mess up two eggs with potatoes and toast but they did.  Joshua Tree Bar and Grille - Somerville - I will remember to not go back!

We walked on and found a Goodwill store where B found a sweater and coat - both for $25! They looked nice so good for him.

The phone said it would just be 9 minutes to Davis Square by foot so we did that, enjoying the houses and few stores that were on the way.  I think it took less than 9 minutes to get to the mall. He went to Radio Shack and I went to Michael's....

500 quilting pins = $12.00
Tomato pin cushion = $2.00
5 Schmetz Universal Needles 80/12 = $3.30
Total = $17.30

Then we went to Shaw's and got food for a beef stew tonight and pizza later on.

It was nice to walk home - it was supposed to be snowing, guess that will be later tonight.

I always cut the beef into smaller pieces and am glad I did that this time as about 1/3 of the meet was spoiled in the center!  Yuck.  I was glad to find out before it was all cooked together.  The sell by date was tomorrow so I don't know what the deal was.  So we will have a vegetable stew with a little beef for flavoring.  It's cooking now.

Beef Stew
about 5 oz. stew meat toss in flour then in the frying pan to brown

1 large onion
3 celery stocks
Put directly in with the meat

6 carrots
2 parnips
1 potato
microwaved to speed the cooking up and put in the pan with the meat and onion

Salt, pepper and pizza seasoning (as that is all I had)

Added about 1 cup of chicken broth (as that is all I had), 1 cup of red wine, and about 3 cups of water to cover the food.

Low heat, cover and stew.

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