Monday, February 25, 2013

Sun Feb 24: Snow

FitBit Activity, 5047 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 2.1 miles traveled, 1847 calories burned, 336 active score

We pretty much spent the day watching TV (and I cut some fabric).

Started out with an old book talk by a very young pre-President Obama - then the program changed and ended up being Monk after Monk after Monk.  It was pretty fun as most of the episodes I had not seen before.

Before they closed, I went to Life Alive to pick up a salad and hot dish that we split again.  It was nice.  I'm not sure which dishes Bernie got.  I had a bottle of white tea with blueberry flavoring that was delicious while I waited for the food.  It was a nice walk....

But then just as we were thinking about closing down the TV - I was going to call San Diego and B was going to try to get to bed I saw the beautiful snow out the window.  It started after I returned with the food, and mostly was not sticking to anything.  But just as we were going to make the transition I saw the branches had a little pile of snow.  It was so beautiful.

So we went for a little walk around the neighborhood and beyond to see the snow - I called C and chatted while we were on the empty city streets.  It was a nice thing to do - although it got us to bed close to 2am.....

I have four pieces of fabric - I just each into two 4.5 inch strips (that's the width of my ruler), and one 2.5 inch strip.  I cut one of the wider strips into squares.  It will be fun to work on this project - such large pieces so the top will go together rather quickly!

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