Sunday, May 27, 2018

Expenses: Needles

Went to a Beverly's that lost it's lease so is closing - they are clearing everything out.  The day I went it was 30% off.

I picked up so needles that I hope will be useful to have!



  1. I was just thinking about needles this morning! It's good to have a supply of extras. I could use more of the "easy threading" ones since there always seem to be a few in the package that don't work as well. I guess that prong on the end is kind of delicate.

    1. The self-threading ones are so great. I learned about them from Leah Day. I bought my first set from her, along with the cool magnet to store it on. But I forgot about that one time when packing up after a class and lost it somewhere. So now it's kept in the cover of an old jar of cream with batting. That has worked. All the needles have worked for me, but since I lose them when I move the machine in classes perhaps I just haven't had them long enough.


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