Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Quilt Group Block for Baby Quilt - the redo

I took apart my first attempt, verified the shapes were differently cut.  Called a friend who had same situation with her pieces.  She advised me to just sew it together as best as I could and that the lady who cut the fabric would have to figure it out.

So I resewed things.  Here is the after shot - and what I will turn in.

As a reminder, here is the original try...
Can't really see that much difference. 

Guess this would have been a good thing to cut using a AccuQuilt! Boy, that would be wonderful to have at home for a while.  I would do a lot of cutting, that's for sure.

I'm remembering that there is a new color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (rose/pink) so I will do that block before I tackle finishing the larger quilt.

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