Sunday, May 6, 2018

Long Weekend: Los Angeles King Tut May 2018

Well, it wasn't really a weekend as we went to Los Angeles Wednesday and Thursday.

Great couple of days!

We took the train to Los Angeles.  The trip was around three hours, we had seats facing the direction the train was going and we were on the side next to the ocean, so after a while, there were beautiful views.

Once in LA it was a quick walk to the Purple then the Expo Metro - $1.75 for the 30 minute ride to USC! Our son is a natural for this, very easy for him to read book almost immediately on getting on the trains!

And in the room.  He loves to read but only have time for pleasure reading while on holiday...!

Designs in the room:

Quick walk in the morning to the California Science Center. We had time to walk around a bit before our ticket time...

I didn't take many photos at the exhibit as I wanted to concentrate and enjoy the experience.  My husband teaches classes on game design so I took a photo of this game - he already knew it.  Said there was an online version.

After King Tut we went to the Endeavor exhibit...

My son noticed the heat tiles before I did - he said it reminded him of a quilt - having to cut the pieces in the correct sizes and put them in the right place...

After walking thru the Rose Garden, we went to the Natural History Museum.

 Even in the dinosaur exhibit there were pieces that were put together like a quilt!

Then it was time to get back to Union Station... There were many beautiful designs, but my phone was out of power so I only got a few photos...

We walked across the street to Olvera Street, then it was time for train.  This time we were facing backwards and we on the land side, but since it was only light for a little amount of time it was okay.

The LA River...

Around 11pm we arrived back in San Diego.  Quick walk to the car, and home!

A great couple of days with my son!


  1. You've captured such stunning designs. You have a good eye for those interesting patterns. Glad you had a good time on your trip with your son.

    1. Thank you! Your note reminds me of our nice visit - it's been two years now! This year again my son is going with my husband to Hamvention so I will be staying back with the little dog...


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