Sunday, May 6, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: Pinstripe Ziggy

Leah Day's Pinstripe Ziggy

This design was pretty easy to do.  At first I marked with tape to show when to turn the corner, then decided to go with eye balling it.  And I really can't tell the difference now that the block is done...

It's rather hot today, so I wasn't at the of my game for this one.  Tomorrow I think Alida will post the next block for her QAL, so I the larger quilt under the pink block will be in the

I had to wind some bobbins, including that time (for three of them) it was 105 minutes.  Even slow for me....

The batting was easy to work with, it was very soft, not sure the design will show up as much as I'd like, once it's in with other designs....


In the middle of doing this block, I decided to go to Cozy Quilts for the Free Motion Quilting Group.  I had been a few years ago, only knew one of the ladies today, but will probably be a good place to continue going.

The store owner, Danielle, wasn't there today.  She is always fun to listen to.  The teacher was Linda Pohlenz.  What a nice teacher, and nice way she has a class organized.  Today the students were encouraged to share their homework with each other, and then the assignment to quilt the center four squares was given out.  They are using Angela Walter's Shape by Shape Free Motion Quilting as the text, the pattern is some Linda Pohlenz designed.  It will end up being 32 inches square and is intended as a sewing machine cover or baby quilt.

After homework was shared and the new assignment given, people could share other things they were working on.

This lady was doing Amanda Murphy's Bernina Rulerwork QAL.  She had learned a lot!

This was I think a quilt done on a cruise with Linda as the instructor.  Showed as it was finished!

They always have treats and drinks, I had forgotten this feature of the Cozy workshops!  I think the middle was mainly refried beans with salad on the top - but the olives and cherry tomatoes really caught my eye.  They had chips and tortilla rounds for folks to eat along with this dish.



I did get another marking pencil as I misplaced the one I had earlier...  They are great as the marking is removed with an iron...  $7.04,  Ultimate Marking Pencil.

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