Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: My "Rainbow Log Cabin" Part 18

Third corner done!  About two hours to do, including marking and hiding the knots.

It has been a few weeks since I have worked on this quilt, I am pleased that it went smoothly and there were no mess ups!

As a reminder to myself:

  • As looking at the piece, start marking on the left, then start sewing on the right.
  • It's possible to sew on either side of the tape, I found it easiest to see the starting point when the tape was on the left.  Put the presser foot down to verify that the needle will intersect with the horizontal line. Make sure the thread is clear of the foot, then lower and bring the foot up.  Catch the loop, move the threads to the side to verify where the needle goes, put the needle down, then move the thread so it is behind the foot (might need to raise the foot to do this).  
  • Mark only to the center area, quilt, then mark again starting in the center.  Remember to measure the places where the tape is to be placed, but adjust so the center lines are evening placed.
  • Bring the back thread up at the beginning of each line (the seam ripper helped me easily catch the thread loop, a pair of tweezers helped pull the thread up if the thread was too short to catch).
  • At the end, continue sewing at the marked intersection point to the batting and off (that avoids needing to hide that thread). 
  • When the quilting is done, then tie the knots and hide them - that's the reward for all the quilting!
  • I wonder if I started with the right half if I could do a better job of matching where the center lines ended up?

Not quilting

I went to San Diego Zoo yesterday, earlier than I usually do with a different friend. 

Usually I pass these painted posts at the end of a walk when the sun is low, but this time I saw them with the sun shining on them so I could really see the fun designs!

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