Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tumbler Progress: About 3.5 hours (in two sessions) and almost done!

I'm not sure why today's first sewing session went so quickly...

Session One

I started at 4.:49pm and at 6:28pm I had sewn the second lines for one side starting in the center, and even did one line on the other side of the quilt!  So that's 10 angle lines done so far today.  I'm still on the same bobbin so no time was wasted in that regard.

So that's 1 hour 39 minutes if I'm doing my math correctly.  And an average of around 10 minutes for each angle line!  The sewing flowed during this session...

After around 16 hours of quilting.  This is the side that is the most done.  You can click to see the enlarged version.

Session Two (no photos)

I sewed again from 10:47pm to 12:44am.  This time I only did 8 lines.  Near the top of the 9th line at 12:29am I ran out of bobbin.  It took about 7 minutes to get the new bobbin in place and to hide the ends of the threads from where the bobbin ran out.  I started again and then about 8 minutes later the thread got caught and I ended up cutting it to release the material.  I decided it might be too late to continue.

I think I have 4 more lines to go then done with this stage of the project.  There are a few spots where I need to pick out thread that was crossed over and became part of the quilting on the back. For this second sewing (which was the other side of the quilt) there was more pleating that I could not stop from happening.  I tried sewing very slowly, sometimes that seemed to prevent the pleating but there were other times when slow sewing did not help in that regard.  Next project I will use that special top and bottom feeding foot that Katrin reminded me about.

As I travel thru the blocks instead of seeing the colors and fabric, now I'm noticing where I wasn't as careful as I should have been with the stitching even with the FMQing.  I hope the wash will fluff the fabric up so the puckers blend in...

So pretend there is a photo here to show the progress after 18 hours of quilting.  At this stage I've used around 4.5 spools of bobbin.

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