Friday, January 8, 2016

One Monthly Goal: Jan 2016 Quilt the Tumbler

This is another new project for 2016 - actually committing to work on a particular old project this month!

My January goal is to FMQ this quilt.

Tumbler (started 2011)  I sewed these as a leader and ender project,  but then it took over as it was so much fun to sew these pieces (cut with Accuquilt from adult education class) and arrange them so the colors were sort of clumped together.

This quilt is being made for our friend in Colorado.

This post shows the basted (since 2013) tumbler project.

Now I know how to quilt the project and since it's basted I want to work on it this month!  I've been emailing Candace at Saltwater Quilts to get her tips for quilting it. Click here to see her detail photo of the design.   I'll save the binding and label for another month.

I'm linking up with OMG, a new program by Heidi at Red Letter Quilts.

Here are the guidelines:

One Monthly Goal is open to any quilter who would like to set (and achieve!) monthly goals, and share them in a group environment. This is a social linkup: Participant's are encouraged to spread cheer, encourage, and congratulate one another!

To participate:

Select ONE quilt-related goal and describe it in a blog post, with photo(s) of said project, and what you aim to finish. If you do not have a blog or web site, please join the OMG: One Monthly Goal Flickr Group and post a photo there with a written description of your goal. Be sure and come back to link-up with the goal setting party!

Each month, the goal-setting link-up will be open from the 1st through the 7th, PST. No exceptions!

Once you have achieved your written goal, be sure and come back again, during the last week of the month, to link your post at the OMG: It's Finished Party! It'll be open the last seven days of each month. The linkup will close at midnight the last night of the month, PST, no exceptions!

To be eligible for the prize by random drawing you must linkup here for both linkups; first your goal-setting oath, and again with your celebratory-accomplishment post. All entrants are eligible, worldwide, who have a valid mailing address.

Please link your posts to OMG: One Monthly Goal, with a link here from the post, and/or a button on the site. Please, grab a button (from the sidebar) and join us!


  1. I have a tumbler quilt in progress as a leader-ender project and have been wondering how best to quilt it! This looks great!

    1. Thanks! I think I'll be able to do it this month. Has been hanging around for a while.... The friend who I'm making it for doesn't know it's for him!

  2. Your tumbler quilt is beautiful - love the bright colors. I want to make a triangle quilt - either straight triangles or a tumbler quilt for my own bed, but am trying to get more finishes done this year before starting that one.

    1. Thank you. Having the pieces cut with the corners trimmed really made this a fun quilt to work on. I have a lot of those waiting for me. I should put a stack by the machine so I have something to sew each time I go in that room!

  3. Nice grouping of the colours. Good luck with it.

  4. Your Tumbler is so bright and pretty! I love the idea of this as a leader ender too. Thank you for linking up, and sharing the link to Candace!

    1. Candace was very helpful to me, I appreciate her time writing me. And this monthly goal thing is genius! I've sewn on the quilt today!


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