Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cozy Quilts Demo and Expenses

I went to Cozy Quilts today for the first Saturday demo.

The demonstration was for a pattern called Skyscrapers.

It is another one their easy but very attractive patterns!

I bought some fabric....

The snow globe fabric will be a good backing for a yet unborn/unimagined future quilt for my Godsister.  (She collects snow globes.)

The teal and the neutral were picked out for the January Stash Bee block that I will be making for Laura.  I have enough neutral and teal already but it's hard to not buy fabric....

I received the pattern as I attended the demonstration.

.5 yard neutral     @$10.99 was $5.50
1 yard teal            @$9.99 was $9.99
2 yards snowglobe  @$11.50 but 75% off so was @$2.88 each
With tax = $23.06


  1. The skyscraper is a nice quilt design. You're right - it is simple but very attractive.

    1. It was nice to see the different colors and fabrics that the testers used. Going to the store is a nice afternoon...


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