Monday, March 26, 2012

LibRR2 Step One

Initial Blocks
I received these two blocks from Marie in the World Wide Swap last Spring - they were the only two traditional blocks that I could find in my stash....

I really like the points in the stars.... They are made of a HST but the second side has two equal pieces.

I decided to take the blocks apart - so as I was watching TV tonight, I ripped them apart (I felt so crafty while I was doing this!)....

So now I have all the pieces and have been working on rearranging them....

A swirl of fabric?
Will I put them in swirl going out to make a hurricane of fabric?  I saw some art in an airport in the past week (perhaps in Kingston Jamaica)- where there was a white pattern that swirled out on a white background that caught my eye.

Or will I make rows of the points separated by white blocks....?

Or will it be one long columns of points?

Column of Points?

Rows of Points?
I haven't decided yet - But wanted to be in on the party of posting things for the LibRR2 so am posting even before I decided how to resew these pieces!  I may just wait for Step Two before sewing - not sure now!  I just know I'm going to make this into at least a lap quilt!

: )
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    1. Thanks Clare! I realize this AM I could also put the white blocks behind the points - that would give a different look too!


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