Friday, March 16, 2012

The Free Motion Quilting Project: Week #10

Directions for Week 10 Preparing a Whole Cloth Quilt

Clear directions as usual on Leah's site!  I am going to be traveling next week so went ahead and started to follow the directions for this week.

Window light box
I picked the fabric that I have been using for my QAYGFMQAL - it's a light tan 100% cotton so the stitching will show up nicely.  I'm going to use the same fabric on the back.  I have some polyester batting but will call the one place that is within 2hours of here that might have the batting Leah recommends before I baste with my Pinmore ends for the pins that I got from Leah last week.
Here is the prepared top fabric!

I set up a window light box, and used a mechanical pencil that I tested to be sure at least most of the lines will wash away with water.

It didn't take very long at all since my fabric was already washed.

I remember seeing Leah recommend the spray starch method before, but have to admit I had forgotten this step.  So that is why I really want to get the binding on my practice sandwiches and to wash them so I can see if I have been messing anything else up!

I am unclear if I'm supposed to trace the surrounding box - have written Leah to find out.  She said it was optional to mark the outside so I went ahead and prepared the back and basted the project.  I can already tell I need to get more Pinmores....
Whole cloth basted - using pinmores and pins

Back of the wholecloth project basted.

(I got 50 Pinmores and guess I have basted something else that I can't remember as I sure don't have 50 pieces in this project!)

Added 3-28-12:

Carolyn uses thread to baste so decided to give that a try, perhaps that will work for me too.

Front of thread basted sandwich
I made a new sandwich and used thread basting - will practice some FMQ tomorrow to test this method of basting!

Thread basted back.

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