Friday, March 23, 2012

Traveling: Jamaica Quilting

June with Jamaican Quilt
I did something this trip I have not done before.... I met a fellow quilt blogger and went to see her quilts!


I got to go in her two-roomed Quilting Studio. A little dolls house with a wrap around covered deck complete with various antique chairs and tables.

In the Sewing Room she has her sewing machine on a really nice sewing table with support for FMQing behind and to the side. There is a big cabinet with supplies, behind is her design board (rolled up) and then there are many hand basted quilts hanging or folded on the rack right behind her. (Her students and friends appreciate her FMQing and ask her to finish their quilts up for them!)

We left the Sewing Room and returned to the covered deck to turn right to go into her Fabric Classroom.

She mainly uses luscious Moda fabric. She is partial to French General and newly adopting marbleized solids. The marbleization adds elegance and depth that is missing with completely plain fabric. There was a glassed cabinet where she artfully displayed a few jelly rolls, cake layers, turnovers for her students. There are no quilting stores on the entire island, so she is teaching classes to share her enthusiasm of quilting, and gets a little extra Moda for her students so they know what quality quilting fabric is! When she teaches classes she moves tables into the Classroom so the students have space to work, but mainly I think this is a space for her to plan and cut fabric for her projects.

She showed me quilts she had made, quilts in progress and basted quilts. Lots of different designs and methods (for example: folded log cabin with very narrow sides and paper pieced with tiny geometrics).

I also got to meet some of her family. All lovely people. we chatted and shared a glass of wine before I was on my way! They were most gracious and welcoming.

She has a wonderful way of placing her furniture and accessories - in both her studio and her home. The building itself provided beautiful bones, but she provided the flesh and life. (I've very envious of her knack - skill - knowledge - ability! It shows in her quilting, home and dress!)

I think we both had a nice time chatting with each other:

We both have returned to quilting after taking a break for motherhood. She has really been able to immerse herself in the craft and has so much more expertise and experience than I do now!

We both have gotten our husbands to usually reserve a day for quilting shops and fabric shopping when we are on trips! Sounds like she has been way more successful with finding shops that I have been on these trips - but what fun that we get to see shops on our travels!

This visit with Carolyn was the highlight of my trip to Jamaica, and I hope the beginning of a long quilting friendship!

Thank you Carolyn!

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