Friday, March 9, 2012

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 11 and 12

Directions for blocks 11 and 12 (Row 3 blocks 3 & 4)

Laura continues the theme of Landscapes and Seascapes....

Block 11: Landscapes 2

This block is very close to the design I did for the SewCalGal project in January - so close that I decided to use the extra block I made for that and switch to be an official FMQAYGQAL block.



Block 12: Leah's Sea Oats

This is an official 'beginning' design, so I already had tried it out.  Also, since I'm one of the last to finish this for FMQAYGQAL I was able to read the comments others made about this design.  I also do not know what a sea oat really looks like.  I do not know what corn looks like when it is growing and I have never noticed plants in an aquarium (like Leah's Josh has).  I spent a little more time looking at photos and examples of people who have done this design, then drew it out several times. I brought the example photo into Fireworks and changed the direction so I could draw while looking at the example oriented the same way.....

I do not think I made any improvement from my first try - the first row looks the best, but then I got into changing the direction of the off shoots so much that they look more like circles....

I had moved the sewing machine to the living room as my son was in the sewing room - and now I know that the living room can't be used for sewing.  The chair was too low, and the table legs interfered with the foot pedal.  My straw spindal does not seem to be the answer for my thread - it still is catching every once in a while so I had to cut thread and restart pretty much at every column!

So not really know what sea oats are, I will just say this is a  science fiction plant found on the landscape of some far off yet-to-be-discovered planet!

I hope you will join us for the second Liberated Round Robin - starting this month!


  1. Very nice. Hope you get back into you sewing room soon! Sea oats look very much like that. Job well done!

  2. Ok now I know what you mean about the sea oats and the corn! Isn't it amazing, even after drawing and practicing the design, how hard some of them can be to sew?! Or maybe it is just me! ~Jeanne


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