Sunday, October 16, 2016

Procedure Reminder: Quarter Circles * 2 = Bullseye!

I'm just documenting the way that seems to work for me to make the three piece bullseye or target block.

Background square has the template cutting lines drawn. The ring fabric will be not be used in this block.
Be sure the top of the templates is on the top of the fabric.
These templates can be used on a variety of sized squares, it just changes the location of the ring.

Template for ring is placed in a square piece of fabric, then traced and cut.
Then the fabric will be aligned correctly with the grain of the fabric.
It's important to get the grain line correct, I tried without doing this and the result included a lot of pleats!

Check to be sure the pieces are placed correctly.

Press to show the center of the curves.

Flip the fabric so right sides are together and pin the centers together.

Pin the edges, and then add additional pins.
When pinning the larger piece is below, then it will be easier to pin with matching edges.

Bring to the machine and sew with the larger piece on the top.
Slow sewing and realize perhaps some adjusting of the  top fabric will be needed.

The seam will be done!

TaDah!  The edges match and there are no pleats.

Press to show the center again.

Flip the pieces so the right sides are facing and pin the centers together.

Pin the edges, then the center of each side. And repeat!

When pinning it seems to be easier to put the larger piece below.

Take the piece to the machine and sew so the larger piece is on the top.

The second seam is done!

Press so the seams go toward the ring.

If you place the extra ring fabric within the sewn ring you will see how it all fits together!

Pressed with no pleats and the edges match.
In this case with the larger blocks pinning on one side and sewing on the other seemed to work. I'll check later to see how it works with smaller blocks...

This block was made as part of the Block Lotto in January 2012.

Templates and cutting list for making a full quilt are here:


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