Tuesday, October 11, 2016

RSC16: October: Sunrise Yellow/Gold and Photo of all Blocks

This month was the hardest yet for me to pull fabrics for....

October's Rainbow Scrap Challenge:
Colors of the sunrise or fall: Yellow/Orange

California sunrises have mainly yellow in the sky.  Since we previously had used orange I concentrated on my pulling out my collection of hanging yellow strips.

I have a lot of yellows as it's my favorite color.  It was difficult to decide which fabric to give up for the block though, as again they hold memories that I don't want to give up on -AND- it seems to be really difficult to find yellows when I go to the store!  But in the end, I decided by making the block the memories are preserved in a way, so I gave myself permission to use them.

I started by making a liberated log cabin, but realized I didn't have wider strips that were long enough.  So I cut what I had done so the pieces would work.  There is one seam that goes across about a third of the way up...

The solids and tone on tones were all part of the blue and yellow log cabin quilt that I made the first year I was piecing. Many of them are 1.5 inches wide, not a width that I think I will be working with much now!  I still need to find and finish that project. The robots are left over from my first actually completely finished quilt. It was sent off to Quilts for Kids. The yellow with little orange and green was purchased I'm pretty sure originally to make rice throwing bags with my son, however the fabric was also used in the Quilt in a Day tulip quilt that I pieced, but never basted and quilted it in time to give to my Godmother.

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There will be no new color RSC assignments for the remainder of 2016.  "November and December are finishing off months here at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Hopefully so finishes are in your future." 

So this post also shows all the RSC16 blocks I have made.

I think they look pretty nice on the wall:

I'm glad I finally took part in the rainbow scrap challenge.

Next year I may pick a quilt block to make each month in addition to making these slab/crumb blocks.

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Thank you Angela for the rainbow scrap challenge!

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We hosted a department party last week. The meal was tacos, made by a pair of workers who have this as their business!  They took about an hour to set up, made food for two hours, gave me all the left overs so I could repackage and freeze it, and cleaned all their area up too!

Before table cloths and guests.

Makes for a very easy way to have a party.  Guests brought desserts, they were placed inside on the counter.  What a wonderful assortment or store bought cookies, mini-muffins, cheese/crackers and sausage, and sliced watermelon!  The only home made item though was the cake that I made.

Originally it was going to be cupcakes made with:

1small jar Maraschino cherries (3 oz?) - blended/chopped
1 can pinapple (12 oz?) - blended/chopped - saved about half for topping
1/2 - 3/4 c coconut
about 3 T softened butter
about 2 T softened cream cheese
3 eggs
cake mix box (cake box called for a cube of butter and a cup of water but I only added what is listed)
mix together

Put in cupcake tins to bake.  The oven worked until I clicked to set the timer.  I turned it off as it was not recording the time and the oven would not go on again.

So I transferred the batter to a casserole and put in the microwave!

After 4 or 5 minutes I started pulling out to test with knife.  I wasn't sure it was going to work at all so I didn't record how many times I did this...

Eventually though the cake was done.  The pan was hot.

I used a knife to separate from the sides and flipped it over onto a plate while it was still hot.

The cake came out - just a little stuck to the top of the casserole.  I tasted it and it was fine.

Waited for it to cool, then put in the frig.

Right before serving I topped with whipped cream and then poured about half the remaining pineapple on the top.

It was tasty and good.

There were some left overs so I put in little boxes and topped with the rest of the pineapple and some whipped cream before closing the lid.

We gobbled the left overs up before I thought to take a photo.  (and the day of the event I was busy moving chairs around and greeting people)  Instead of getting 30 cupcakes I ended up with one 8 or 9 inch layer that was maybe almost 2 inches deep.  The cake was bright pink with the cherries, then there was white whipped cream, then a circle of yellow pineapple.  The cake looked the same as baked cake, but was much firmer.  The whipped cream and pineapple made the cake less firm, but did not make it soggy.  So I'd try using the microwave again for cake!

So, dear readers, I need ideas for what to do with masses of rice, beans, and meat (chopped Chicken, Pork and Carne Asada and whole pieces of Carne Asada) so it will be interesting to eat! I froze most of the items in one cup portions.

But sort of as Scarlett O'Hara said I'll think about getting the oven fixed another day.  I already know the newer ovens are a different size so it will mean cabinet work will be needed too. 

Thank you for coming by!


  1. Those crumb blocks turned out really well. I like what you said about using the fabrics to have them for the memories. Years ago I made a Christmas tree skirt for my daughter, newly married. I used bits of all her sewing projects and mine. We see them every year and remember the fun times.

    1. That sounds wonderful Paula! How nice that you and your daughter sew together. I didn't sew with my mom except for a project in class in college. The teacher said it wasn't a beginning class so my mom had to show me what to do. Made a long sleeve shirt with collar, buttons the whole bit. Mom did one, then I did the other. And it ended up reminding us of an I Love Lucy sweater. My side was awful! She fixed it after the grade was assigned. I can't remember what I got. Sure wish I had a photo of it though! Thanks for coming by! : )

  2. I know what you mean about using some fabrics. I have some that I keep getting out, thinking not today next time but for some that does not happen. What is it about these fabrics that we just have to keep and enjoy as they are? Pretty blocks.

    1. Thanks Karen. I'm getting a little better with using the fabrics, but still keeping some to be sure to have for a future project that I keep for family! Thanks for coming by!

  3. It's great to see all your scrappy blocks together. They will make a fine quilt! I'm curious why you said you won't be using 1.5" strips much anymore? Do you cut your scraps into certain sizes?

    1. I cut a bunch of the yellow and blue in the 1.5" strips - for a quilt that I grew tired of sewing so stopped at 16 blocks. I only have in those widths left over from that project. I guess it was reminding me of how I quit the quilt earlier than planned. Oh well. thank you for coming by!


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