Thursday, October 13, 2016

Defending Dad???

I heard what Donald Trump Jr published to defend his father's words.

I jumped to a day a few years ago.

I took my elderly mom out to lunch, we had a nice time, and then I rushed to remove her from the restaurant.

In the van I told her I couldn't take her to restaurants if she was going to take her teeth out (and remove the stuck on food to eat).  I know I went on and on about how people were paying for their food and no one wanted to see that!

She thought about what I said, then replied.  "But I've seen lots of people take their teeth out at the table."

She was living in assisted living, so that may well have been true.

But just because someone else (does or says something) doesn't mean you should do it too. It doesn't make it normal or accepted.

We are changed by the people we surround ourselves with.  Sometimes we don't realize we are being changed, but we are.  And it's not always for the better!

There are many things that should not be said, or thought, or done.  Just because someone else says or does it doesn't make it right.

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