Friday, January 7, 2011

FBP: Week 2: Elephant

Each Friday for two years, Hetty at the Friday's Block Party blog arranges for a posting of a block for folks to make that week.

This year I get to help and will be mixing it up and helping by posting some of the suggestions.

I think I'm going to start by suggesting folks do animal or picture blocks.

This week we are making this elephant block designed by Milk and Honey Quilts.

In my background - grey I cut strips:  1.5 inches, 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches.  Then I cut the pieces as directed.

In my animal orange I already had an uneven strip cut around 2.75 wide.  I used that to get all the smaller pieces.  I cut a 3.5 strip and a 5.5 strip to get the larger pieces cut.

Then I arranged them according to the letter assigned in the directions.

At this point I was just following directions hoping it was all going to come together...

Placed the pieces in order to be sewn...

It was difficult to really see things as there are squares on top that will be sewn and then cut at at angle.

Sewed the triangle and straight edges - the first sewing on each piece only.

Starting to see the elephant!

Arranged to sew order sewn.

It's really just a simple matter of sewing the same sized things together.

The head side is all together now.

As noted by the designer there is really just one seam to match now - so I pressed the head seam up and the body seam down to make that easier...

Here is the final block - front view.

Link to Original Pattern by Milk and Honey Quilts.

And the back side too.

I started thinking I'd do a pink elephant - but then looking at my colors I decided I wanted the animal to really stand out so I did it in the orange fabric.  I think purple would be a good fourth color to add in the mix for these blocks....

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