Friday, January 21, 2011

FBP - Week 4 - Standing Cat

Purple Cat
This week it was my turn to post the block for the Friday's Block Party site.  I picked another animal - a standing cat.

I really tried to get the block to be 10.5 unfinished, and actually it's a little bigger!  Guess now I'm sewing way less than .25 inch seams.  I need to perfect the width of seams just so my blocks come out the way I expect them to!

I removed the stitches from my FBP Week 1 block and redid so it is 10.5 inches too.

Weeks 1-4 - working to get the sizing so all blocks are the same size.
This will be a cute addition to the quilt that will be made from these blocks:

Traditional and Animal Block Quilt!