Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BlockLotto - January 2011 - Bright Stacks



1/4/11: Today I will press and cut the strips for these blocks.
1/5/11: Nope, didn't do anything on the quilt or fabric. Out of town friends visiting!
1/8/11: Got the nine colored strips and some white strips cut, went ahead and cut ten 8-inch sections and made one block..  Fun!  So pleased it measures 10.5 square!
1/9/11: Okay it turns out I didn't have nine complete strips last night.  I had some full strips and some shorter strips that I cut to 2.5 inches. Sophie's directions say we are not to just mix up the fabric and have the same fabrics in different order - she suggests starting with nine strips (each strips makes five subcuts).  I must have had too many pieces of candy today this just seems so difficult to figure out what strips to put in what block.  I guess I will see if I can just go ahead an put the white pieces on at least some of these subcuts. Urgh.
Update:  I wrote Sophie and she sent a chart to help me get the colors in the right places:
So now I see that if I had cut five strips from nine longer strips things would have been much easier, but really the trick is to just put the colors on the chart so they are arranged by fabric rather than by blocks....
1/10/11: I put my strips so they are in little stacks for each block - and sewed the ends for one block. 
1/11/11: Cut my white strips and started to sew blocks.
1/12/11: More sewing.  Five blocks done!
1/13/11: I finished up 8 blocks.  I would need to cut some more white to make the last block so will put that off to later, if I have time!