Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Challenges...

I've been noticing that several bloggers have issued different challenges for finishing UFOs during 2011.

Patchwork Penquin Challenge for 2011.  Has 38 participants when I just checked. (listed on sidebar)
Participants are asked to pick 10 projects they have started - put the numbered list on your blogs sidebar and send Nancy an email so she will add you to her sidebar.   Nancy will draw a number and you work on that project. (Nov and Dec there is no drawing - that's time for holidays)

Patchwork Times Challenge for 2011. Has 197 participants when I just checked.
Participants are asked to pick 12 projects that they have started - send in a numbered list with photos - then each month Judy will draw a number from 1 to 12 and participants are to work on that project.

I've been doing online quilting groups for a year now - still learning the ins and outs of things.  But just like keeping a food journal or exercise log - or reading log - time can slip away with no products so it is good to keep track to see progress!

I mainly have blocks - nothing as finished as the participants I clicked on.  I would like to continue with my weekly and monthly challenges and to finish at least two bed sized quilts this year.

I am really committed to going thru all drawers and closets in the house this year too so I know that will take away from my time and energy that could have been sewing...

1.  Current - BlockLotto Wonky Shoo Fly blocks - I have started sewing the top together for Quilt as You Go as I want it to be a bed sized project.  Need to go to adult ed classroom on Fridays so I can finish basting the sections so they are ready for me to quilt.

2.  Current - BlockLotto Log Cabin with Attitude blocks - I just have the blocks.  My husband likes these blocks so they also need to be a bed sized project (or at least a chair quilt for him).

3.  Current - Friday's Block Party - I have two blocks done - they are revealed one a week.  Right now they are 10 inch blocks, but I think later on they may be different sized blocks....  There would not be enough blocks to make a bed sized quilt for a few months.

4.  Current - BlockLotto - Make the monthly challenge blocks.  Depends on luck whether these become a quilt by me!

5.  Current - Chinese Coin - I have some sewn - not enough for anything yet though.

*  Find in the garage my previously finished quilt tops and backs and get them sandwiched and quilted.  The ones I remember are:
6.  The Barn Scene - lap or baby sized. Can't remember if I did backing - if not any color/fabric would be good.  This was a fun quilt - did in a class - there was sort of a pattern but it was more of a technique sampler that ended up with pictures made of fabric.  My first mitered corners, y seams, applique, liberated sky.  Fun.

7.  The blue and yellow log cabin - baby sized.  I have material that could easily become backing.  I loved the fabric for this quilt - I used to make pants for Al too so nice memories for me.  The pattern though is very strict - I think I did with 1.5 inch strips so not a very big quilt - but not fun to sew so I just want to finish it up.

8.  The half log cabin - king.  I don't think I finished all the blocks and know I didn't do a backing.  This was a blast to sew.  A local store organized a strip exchange so I got a bunch of strips.  One bad of lights and one of darks.  We used Sharon Craigs method of sewing the blocks - I enjoyed it so much.

9.  The stars and planets - extra long twin - for Al - still need to finish the planets and make the backing.  The front is my very first quilt - done in a class.  The teacher told me I should not use plain fabric and that yellow was not used in quilts.  So I picked fabric that was plain with little black designs - in the colors of the rainbow.  I made two different sized stars.  Be thought I should stick with just the primary colors so I was getting advise from all corners.  Then when I showed baby Al the quilt top he said where are the planets?  So I took the farm scene class to learn how to make round shapes and I made planets out of materials that were the same colors as in the poster Al had in in his room and I made them to scale with the earth being one inch.  I showed Al the planets and he said where is the sun?  I was over whelmed with trying to figure out how to show the sun and put the blocks and all my sewing away. I think now I'll just say he is the son!

10.  The green and orange tulips - full.  Can't remember if I prepared a backing.  I think any small flowered fabric would be good.  I used the pattern from Eleanor Burns but did a different setting - I was going to a look to make the tulips look like they were random on the field but people looking at it thought I had made a mistake. I was making this for Aunt Ju who has since passed away so I could give to her daughter or to a charity.

11.  The crazy quilt - baby.  This will be easy to finish once I find it.  I did do the first one of these and finished by hand tying.

12.  The triple Irish chain - table cover size.  The backing is beautiful - I ended up liking it more than the front!  I put the flimsie on table and some candle wax dripped down so some repair work has to be done before I can finish it up.

13.  I found some large stars on white background in the garage.  King plus sized.  Either my mom started it or it was purchased at a garage sale.  I'm not sure if the fabric is strong enough to finish the project up.  Some repair work would be needed.

14.  Oh my gosh, I forgot the blocks that I had the Friday Group do when they were 2 and 3 years old - I remembered labeling them before boxing them up..  Maybe I can add some photo blocks as I finish them and do the sashing and borders.
15. Friday Group
16. Friday Group
17. Friday Group

Gifts to make that are not even a gleam in my eye:
Ka and He Wedding Quilt (Married October 20th, 2007) She likes lime and brown and I've grown to like those colors in fabrics too...!
Would be nice to make something as a gift for Ja's wedding quilt (to be married Apr 2011)