Monday, January 24, 2011

(Photo) Ideas of Inspiration: M

I have joined the monthly ideas of inspiration blog - twice a month a new theme is selected.

Right now it's "M".  Here is my contribution:
My Marzipan in Milano
Notice that in the comments someone (Silvia) from Milano wrote they recognized the shop!  What fun! I wrote her to see if I can get the exact address. She sent the address and photo of the name plate at the front of the shop.  It's such a terrific little shop, I hope to visit again and to be able to tell my friends visiting Milano so they can see and eat a treat there.

Freni's Pasticceria - Via Torino 1- Milano.
Via Torino is just near the Duomo; giving the back to the big door of the Duomo you walk till the end of the square and on your left there are Via Mazzini e Via Torino. Freni is the 3rd shop from the beginning of the street, on the left sidewalk.

Grazie Silvia!

For me the marzipan at the shop was just as impressive as the gelato that we found in other parts of Italy.  If you are going to Milano, please stop by this little shop and have a piece or two!