Monday, April 1, 2019

A Finish: Red Charity Quilt

I finished this quilt up today.  It took around 4ish hours to change the top into a quilt.

The group gave me fleece to use for batting and backing, so it was pretty easy to finish up.  I put the right sides together, then sewed around the outside leaving a space for me to turn the quilt right side out.

At first I was going to keep the right angle corners, but then I decided to curve them out.

I used a saucer to determine the curve, first marked with a pencil, sewed, then cut.

After turning it right side out again I pressed with my fingers to get all the edges oriented so the seam was at the side, rather than with the backing or front showing on the other side.  I put extra pins where the opening was to help keep that in place.

I did a variation of an orange peel design.  This is how I started in the center.

Then it was just a matter of going out one square and finishing the design and stitching around the outside of the piece.

I didn't intend to have the center be off to the side, but I kept going hoping it would look okay in the end.  There was one spot where I deviated from the plan and put an extra loop.  The last two lines I could feel something wasn't right with the thread or tension but when I looked it was okay.  It was only after I pulled it completely off that I saw the two spots with the thread build up.

Added April 18 2019:  Took about 30 minutes to remove the thread buildup, hide the threads and resew the quilting. Looks a lot better now!

It was quick to finish, but I think I prefer working with a binding, then it is easier to go off onto the batting when quilting.  But I'm not sure.  So looking at my notes from the first post on this I guess it took around 8 hours of hands on time with this quilt.  Is that what it would have taken you?

Added April 18, 2019 30 minutes to correct the thread build up issue on the back.

First post on this project here:

I used the Singer that Audrey got me from Freecycle and a walking foot for the quilting.

If I do this pattern again I will put two rows around the outside so the points are not lost...


  1. It turned out cute! The curved corners are such a nice design touch. They are certainly easier on this type of "pillowcase" self binding style because you don't have to cut the dreaded bias binding. (I dread that, I mean!)

    8 hours seems about right to me, depending on how fast the orange peel quilting goes. Making a quilt without binding is a nice change of pace to do every once in a while, I think :)

    1. Thank you Louise! I was thinking of you when I wrote that question in the blog post. : )


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