Monday, April 1, 2019

Finishes: Play Mat, Hooded Towel and Washcloths

My friend's daughter is having her second baby.  I made gifts for her baby shower.

I got very nervous about doing this once I had started everything - she had a gift registry for the baby but I wanted to make something instead of just clicking away to pay.

So I made a 42 inch play mat, very similar to what was on her list:

My son helped me make a quarter circle template with freezer paper that I used to cut the circles.  (I cut the front and back, but if anyone else does this just cut one of them, then pin the batting and backing on that and use that fabric circle as the template.)  I used hi loft polyester batting.  Using curved stitching made it very fluffy!  The 2.5 inch binding was applied with a walking foot on my Brother.  It was about 3/8 inch on the back and also when it was brought around to the front.  I folded it at the beginning and then just tucked in the final piece when I came back around.  This made it very simple to finish.

For the hooded towel, I got a quick dry towel and cut it so it was square - ended up being 30 inches.  Used a saucer to shape the corners.  I cut a triangle from the remainder of the towel.  Also cut a triangle of different fabric.  (I had planned on using the bird fabric from the play mat but my left over pieces weren't oriented the correct way.) Used the same saucer to shape the top triangle.  Used 2.5 inch binding to connect the triangle fabric to the triangle bit of the towel.  Then pinned the triangle down and put binding around the whole thing.  (I saved the link to my inspiration for this but can't find it now - here is one that is similar:

I had some left over towel, so used my 12.5 inch template to cut two squares.  Used that saucer to shape the corners and added the binding!

Two days before the event I got so upset thinking I should have just clicked to buy something, I had myself in tears.  But got myself together so I got some new clothes, had my nails done, and found these clear bags (supposed to be to put gift baskets in) to put the gifts in.  

 These were the first sewn gifts I have given to people who know me (other than the little quilts for my husband and son).  I put directions for washing and some of those Shout Color Catchers in an envelope with the purple and black quilt.

Baby Shower was March 23, didn't realize I hadn't posted here until I was working on the red charity quilt post...

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