Monday, March 5, 2018

Starry Bright Sky QAL: Pattern 3b Fabric Folding, Origami

This month we are challenged to fold fabric to make the origami star!

I picked the second block to make first this month. The resulting star is lighter so it will work in a bed quilt as that is how I think these blocks will be used in the end.

I used a walking foot to first tack down the inner seams, then the J foot for the blanket stitch.  After I finished then I went back and added the blanket stitching on the center section. I think having different stitches accents the 3-d-ness of the piece.

I first did the star with paper, then used a lot of starch so the fabric was as stiff as paper when I did the folding.  I removed the fold lines from making the pentagon before doing the star folding.

I felt more confident doing the blanket stitch for this block, but still need to figure out exactly when the needle should be turned!

I tied off each end by knotted the thread, then hiding it using Leah Day's method of doing this.

Memory: This procedure reminded me of the wax paper window stars we made when our son was in preschool and first grade at Waldorf School.. It was so much fun to see the design thru the window, and fun to make with and for him.  What a hoot now to see so many sites with images of them and tips on how to make them... Guess the sites are for the parents as the kids were not supposed to use computers or watch TV as it impacted their development of imagination.  It made it nice for us to not have TV as part of his early childhood.

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  1. Your block is absolutely beautiful! I am happy that the process brought up some good memories!! Thanks for participating in the QAL!!


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