Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Prep+Pared Truffle Steak

After the Pie Day pie was in the oven my son and I made the Prep+Pared Truffle Steak dinner.

The steak was easy.

I had already roasted some asparagus, so we decide to use that instead of the broccoli that came with the meal. (I hadn't looked in the box so didn't know there was already a green vegetable.

The other vegetable was yam, cut like french fries.  The bad said it was already cooked.  So I thought we could put in the over with the pie and and it would be okay.  But the yam was not cooked, it was hard we discovered after putting it on our plates.

Still the steak with the onions and truffle butter was very nice, as was the asparagus.

But we won't be getting this meal again...

But did you notice I wrote my son and I made this together?  I'm really liking this time together!


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