Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Prep+Pared Hoisen Braised Tofu

We are lucky to have nearby store (Ralph's) selling meal prep kits.  No subscription needed, just take your pick from the selection and bring it home.  I've been experimenting and getting them just to try them out.  I like that (unlike Dream Dinners) they include the recipe so it could be recreated or easily increased for more people later. Supposed to be for two people, but by adding a vegetable (or in this case a protein - shrimp) has been perfect for three!

We have had, let's see if I can remember what was added to each of the meals.  I think:
Carne Asada x 2 - added rice
Hoisen Braised Tofu x 2 - added chicken then added shrimp and grilled broccoli
Black Bean Street Cakes - added onion
Pan-Seared Salmon - served with salad and squash
Hummas Baked Chicken - served with salad and fruit
Coconut Curry Chicken - Added more string beans

A funny thing has been happening!  My husband and son are helping in the kitchen! They are offering to help!

Last night our son made the dinner himself!  We chatted while he cooked!  I pulled the tools out that he needed while he was busy following the directions!

So this (plus 12 shrimp from a Costco shrimp cocktail tray) became our dinner.  He added the shrimp to the vegetables just for the final minute to bring the temperature up.

Scroll down to see the photo finish!

Ta da!  : )

Very yummy. 

Fabulous to start to have family cook together too!

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