Sunday, July 3, 2016

Play with Me QAL: 06-2016 Ludo

Play with Me Quilt Along
Traditional Piecing - Wow!

This block was fun to sew.

Clear directions but I had to sew it to believe it.

It was a wonderful puzzle to solve.

Alida had us cut all the fabric first, then do sections of the board, then finally put things together and it all made sense!  I'm very happy!

The arrow was such a pleasant surprise!

There must be some secret-to-me rule of thumb about pressing seams though.
However, because this is going to be a pillow case this will be fine.
Only you and I will know how the seams look behind the case!   : )

To get the four colors in denim I used fabric from different pants than before, and they turned out to be very stretchy.  Took me a while to figure out how to work with it, but it was manageable!

I need to get some more zippers and pillow forms so I can put this on the sofa to join the other games!

Thank you Alida again for  doing the Play with Me Quilt Along!
Play with Me Quilt Along
  My husband is so happy when I put out a new game pillow!


  1. Again a wonderful board! I don't know if there is a secret for pressing seams... I usually just press them with force :) and try to see where they want to go... I am not very precise about that. Thanks for playing along and for linking up!!

    1. Ha ha! I was sitting on some of these pieces to try to get them to go flatter! I had trouble this month picturing how things would go, but decided to let go and and just sew. It was a great experience. : )

  2. Another wonderful gameboard. Those arrows that meet in the middle are great.

    1. They are fun - Alida did a super job of writing up the directions! Thanks for coming by!


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