Friday, July 22, 2016

Anniversary in Pasadena

We went to Pasadena for our anniversary last week.

I used to go there as a child, and brought our son there a few times so we could visit my Godmother and go to museums and be tourists.  The week before he took his driving test I had him drive the LA freeways as sort of a final driving check.  He did a wonderful job of handling the traffic.

But this time it was just my husband and me.

 Do you know what these painted lines are for? My Mom told me when I was a kid.....   >>>

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Art

These looked like hand rails with different things wrapped on them for decoration.

We were near Asian Pacific Museum, this painted on street intersections.

Vroman's Independent Bookstore

Turns out the museums were closed on Tuesday, but there was a book talk so we attended that while we were there...
Hope plants the seed, love makes it grow.

At Antique mall I found hand sewn hexies for sale.

Tile design at mall.

Typical corner. When the walk sign goes on can walk from all corners in all directions.

Afternoon snack at Irish Pub - it was hot day but this place had nice fans.

City Hall

An entire building just for permits!

Look thru here to see photo of what was in that location 100 years ago!

Trying to make lemonade out of lemons..

>>> The lines help the float drivers know where to guide the Rose Parade floats!  

When I was a kid we used to come early in the morning to see the parade.  After a while we even brought chairs instead of sitting on the curb.  Now have to get tickets on grand stands that are set up on the street.  Hard to get a hotel room, too far to drive there from San Diego so never went with my DH or DS. I have nice memories from my own childhood though...

After our walk we returned to the room to cool down before going to the book talk.

After the book talk we ate at San's Restaurant, had some lovely sushi and Korean food. 
Tile in the outside lobby of the hotel.

We were married in 1985.


  1. Happy anniversary June!!! It looks as if you had the nicest outing =) Interesting pictures of all the design elements too.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes! It was a nice few days away - and did seem to be surrounded by design ideas!

  2. Happy belated anniversary. I went to another city (Denver?) that had streets where you could cross diagonally. I hadn't realized until I saw that how much time we had to waste waiting for two lights when there could be a walking diagonally option!

    1. Thanks! I just saw this note! It was a little scary to cross diagonally at first, but seemed what people were doing - and yes it did save time! there are some intersections here with lots of people walking and waiting - would be good to have them change the lights so we had this too!


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