Friday, July 1, 2016

64-patch block

Another try at writing a block tutorial....

A simple 64 patch made using a using 2.5 strips of one neutral and one yellow.

Here are examples of the colors:

Example of Neutral: white on white designs - no solid white please.

More examples of Neutral: beige or grey and white designs - charcoal is okay but no black please.
Please notice that these fabrics do not have any red, blue, purple, green, etc. 
They are shades of yellow/gold/mustard/maize. 
They are solid, tone on tone and a few have some white or grey in a design.

There are different ways to make the 64-patch.

How would you make one?

Here is how I made my block:

Cut two width of fabric 2.5 inch strips from a neutral fabric (examples above - no solids)
Cut two width of fabric 2.5 inch strips from Yellows, Golds, Mustard, Maize (examples above - tone on tone, or solid okay)

I forgot to remove the selvages!  

Alternate the fabrics and sew together - you will end up with two strips of two.

Sew these together so you have one piece with four strips.

Fold the fabric in half to put a crease in the fabric.  The half way point of a width of fabric will be around 22 inches.

Cut the fabric. You will have two units.  Sew them together.
Press so all the seams go in one direction.  Press from the back and the front.

Sub-cut your new fabric into 2.5 inch strips. Alternate the starting color.

Sew together! If you want use pins to secure the matching points, or use your fingers to nest the seams.

The result - block ready to be included in a summer quilt!

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