Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things

I'm hooking up with:


Tuesday - Nothing with fabric
Wednesday - Nothing with fabric
Thursday - I had the house to myself.  Worked on my RWB block - took photos to write up a tutorial.
Friday - I decided to use the RWB blocks for my Leah Day project, and to give the quilt to Gary and Kate who have just had a baby boy!  I finished putting together scraps for the SewCalGal challenge and sewed a sample.  It's very similar to what I was doing for LibRR1, sectioning off the top and filling with different FMQ design.  A fun way to do it!
Saturday - Nothing with fabric
Sunday - Nothing with fabric
Monday - Added one strip to the RWB blocks.

Way Too Much Information

Tuesday - Mom to exercise, gardening, filing papers

Wednesday - to conference.  Had dinner with DH at Subuco (sp?) sushi

Thursday - time to sew in the evening!  In the daytime gardening, cleaning, laundry.  Had dinner with DS at Casa Adams

Friday - cooking class with DS - Korean food!  Then some time with DS at home.  He left then I had a little time to sew before meeting Ba for dinner and then on to see her daughter in Flag and drum corp in Oceanside.  When we returned I finished the SewCalGal challenge for the month.

Saturday - Ba and I drove to Hemet to meet up with her daughter's group.  We helped with cleaning up after breakfast and helped to prepare and clean up lunch.  Then we drove to Walnut for the competition there.  We had a little break so went for Starbucks to rest and use their wireless to get a hotel - but ended up having to text DH and he found a great place for us to stay - the CalPoly Convention Center. After the competition we went to CalPoly and slept.

Sunday - We had breakfast at CalPoly - then back to Hemet to help out with food - we made sure to make time to watch the kids practice on this last day.  Then stopped by the Hemet Stone Maze on the way to Riverside for the competition.  Her daughter's group really gave a great performance!  Then we drove back to San Diego to my place to sleep.

Monday - Ba and I had breakfast at Corner Bakery before she left with Do friend's for Sacramento.  I went home and slept pretty much most of the day.  I sewed one strip to the RWB blocks.


  1. Three days is a good week. Glad thing slowed down enough for you to be able to get some sewing in.

  2. Just checking...hi,,,,no button for rwbbloghop are you in this week?

    1. Sorry - I thought I had added a button - but it was on a post not the side bar - it's there now!


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