Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things

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Tuesday - Added a second strip to the RWB blocks and washed more blue fabric.
Wednesday - Added third strip to the RWB blocks.
Thursday - Added fourth strip to the RWB blocks, and realized I should have made at least one of the strips wider so they could be trimmed at more angles!
Friday - Nothing with fabric
Saturday - Nothing with fabric
Sunday - Worked on sewing blocks together or cutting blocks to size
Monday - Sewed the quilt top together

Way Too Much Information

Tuesday - Took mom to exercise and walked while she was doing that.  Then I took her back so I could get her supplies at Walmart.  It's hard to push her and a cart at the same time.  Once home DH and I watched some TV then pulled weeds and worked on the new lawn.  Apparently I was supposed to put a lawn feed with herbicide (HALT) on right after planting the plugs. We went to Home Depot but they do not carry that kind of herbicide.  I sewed one more strip to the RWB blocks and washed more of the light blue fabric so I can cut more strips later.

Wednesday - Went to different gardening stores to pick up new plants - looking for but didn't find Scott's Turf Builder with Halts but did find a Melissa plant!  When we were in Lithuania DH cousin's made tea out of the dried leaves of this plant - I can't remember want it tasted like - but do remember it was wonderful.  So I'm glad about that.

Thursday - Still overcast so weeded, got rid of rocks, and planted the new plants.  DS came to take my mom to exercise - I stayed home to work on the yard.

Friday - It wasn't overcast, but still DH and I worked on putting the drip system in place.  We moved the ones that were in the square planters to the rectangular one - and put the new ones with more outlets in the square planters.  We need to get some more tubing so we can take some water from the back to the side front yard.  It's very nice to feel empowered to do this stuff!  Went to An's for the summer fried chicken event - lots of fun to see everyone again.  This year DS brought his girlfriend along - first time for that!

Saturday - I can't really remember what I did - DS had said he was coming over as he didn't come Friday for cooking session, but he didn't... : (

Sunday - DH and I went to the swap meet - terrific to get out of the house!  I got mom some socks - DH bought old radio and telescope and more.  He almost spent $100!  After we went to Italian place we both remembered as being great - but it wasn't this time.  The pizza was all toppings with very little sauce.  DS didn't come over and didn't call or text....

Monday - I got up early to sew the quilt top together, checked the sprinklers, then slept until it was noon!  I did some bookkeeping, in the evening started moving rocks around and sifting the dirt in the side front yard.

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  1. You made progress on 3 out of 7 days, that's not shabby. Sounds like you have your hands full with the RWB blocks.


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