Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things (July 24 2012 - July 30 2012 )

July 24 2012 - Tuesday - Nothing with fabric
Wednesday  - Nothing with fabric
Thursday  - Nothing with fabric
Friday  - Nothing with fabric
Saturday  - Nothing with fabric
Sunday  - Nothing with fabric
Monday  - Nothing with fabric

The Archers
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday - I'm caught up with listening to The Archers!
Monday -

Way Too Much Information
Tuesday- Worked on compiling the feedback on the draft flyer - then wrote to president to verify the ending time.  Off to mom to get her and take her to exercise.  She was happy I think when I said we were going to exercise program.  The student told me she has been declining in the number of sit to stands (I didn't take her all last week as I was busy with the conference.) but said she was still trying and moving so that is good.  I asked the workers at assisted living to offer her the cream for her face - it's so dry....  The van started making a strange sound so I called DH for suggestions on where to have it looked at - after dropping mom back I left the van - and DH came to get me.  We went out for late lunch then went to Salvation Army as it looked like they had outdoor furniture - but it turned out they really didn't - it was wood stuff.

Wednesday - The new car repair place called to get more information on the noise.  They called later and said the oil was so low they thought that was causing the noise.  They noticed a small leak in the transmission, gave me the card of another business to take it to to have that checked out.  I can't remember the rest of the day.

Thursday - DS was late in coming to get my mom so I picked her up.  He meet me there - we had lunch together.  I told him important for her to get all the exercise possible especially since the beauty college had changed times and we couldn't take her there.  I went to Home Depot on the way home to get the wire grid to fix the riddler.  Then I got ready for the conference tomorrow.

Friday -  Got up very early 5am early to go to airport.  Met one of the other board members as he was walking by - nice flight.  We rented a car and went to Monterey wharf for lunch - fun to taste all the calm chowders offered by the different restaurants.  Had a nice lunch of salmon then checked into the dorm.  I met lady from LA in my suite, we chatted a while before leaving for the keynote and dinner.  The keynote was very inspirational - good way to get us started.  Back at the dorm I worked on the presentation a little, turns out I wasn't listed on the program - sort of a drag to be asked to do a talk and then not get credit posted... : (  Oh well.

Saturday - Lovely breakfast - attended all the sessions that I could.  Confirmed that we are on right track for our affiliate.  The overseeing organization wants control of our VR account which was off putting but then they said they would put the membership list in each month which would be lovely.  They send that monthly now to the president not the communication chair so often I don't receive it.  There was a talk that didn't match the title - probably because of the way they scheduled and asked people to present.  His talk was good though.  We only had I think 15 people for our talk.  We kept to the clock and presented what we had discussed.  Kim was a good person to team with.  The original third person was the ending keynote - he would not have been a good match at all to work with - very flamboyant.  His was a strange talk to end the event with as talking about a school that I didn't see could be replicated all over.  He is lucky to have the support and freedom to do what he wants to do.  He did not tell us how kids get into his school nor how many go on to complete 4-year degrees.  DS's high school reported that everyone was accepted to 4-year school but I knew this wasn't true - and of his friends our son is the first to get 4-year degree so I'm not sure the high school prepared them for college well.  We had dinner with Harry in Moss Landing - a place called Phil's Seafood.  Was very nice.  We got caught in traffic on the way back and just barely made the plane home.  DH had had cable come to set up new boxes and I had said to go ahead and put in the sewing room - but he went ahead and bought this large TV that takes up what I was going to set up as the design wall in the room - so oh well.  I lost control by going to this conference I guess.

Sunday - Have sewing room block so couldn't sew today even though that is what I had planned to do.  Instead I did some paperwork and a little work in the yard.

Monday - Wasted the day - DH had hired someone to pull the weeds but left so I had to be there to check work and give water, etc.  DS had said he would come by today as I wasn't here Friday to cook, but he didn't come.  So it wasn't a fun day.  Did put the weed and feed that we ordered from Amazon on the grass - hopefully that will help the new UC Verde get going more evenly in the back yard.

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  1. Wow, you've been really busy. Hope you can get back to sewing soon.


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